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Heavy Lift Slings & Grommets

KTL Offshore engineer the World's biggest
and best heavy lift slings and grommets.
All are manufactured at our facility in
Singapore and are made with the following

Engineered Length Control

All slings and grommets are engineered to attain
the required effective length at the specified
working length.

Consistency and Quality of Workmanship

Each sling and grommet is produced in accordance
to a dedicated Quality Control Plan that controls
specification, tolerance and fabrication parameters.

Tested with Third Party Certification

Every sling and grommet is proof load tested after manufacture to
ensure the sling or grommet meets specification. A consolidated certificate
and Load-Extension graph is provided with every sling and grommet.

The following types of Slings and Grommets are available for Heavy Lift applications:

  • KimSwage Flemish Eye Slings
  • KimFlex Braided Slings
  • KimLock Cable Laid Slings – Resin Socketed
  • Cable Laid Slings – Hand Spliced
  • Cable Laid Grommets
  • KimFlex Braided Grommets
  • Ultra Short Grommets