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High Performance Synthetic Slings & Grommets

High Strength, Light Weight, Easy and Safe Inspection

In today's fast moving world, the cost of rigging set-up time
is expensive. Traditionally dominated by steel wire rope,
slings compromise the backbone of the lifting accessories
in use in almost all lifting operations around the world.

With the introduction of high performance synthetic rope –
made from HMPE (High Modulus PolyEthylene) fibers –
the rigging environment is changing.

As one of the World’s premium heavy lift rigging
manufacturers, KTL Offshore have combined
forces with the World’s foremost HMPE rope
manufacturer – Cortland Puget Sound Rope
from the USA.

KimPlasma Eye-and-Eye Slings and Grommets

The use of KTL’s KimPlasma synthetic rope slings
and grommets hold many advantages during lifting
when compared to using steel wire rope:

  • Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any sling or grommet;
  • Reduced weight – removed self-weight penalty of steel wire rope;
  • Crane capacity not limited by weight of rigging;
  • Installation and rigging set-up times drastically reduced;
  • Retains 100% strength in sea water;
  • Easily inspected, externally and internally;
  • Easily repaired and spliced in the field;
  • High fatigue and abrasion resistance;
  • Completely torque free;
  • Nylon chafe guard is provided for all KimPlasma slings and grommets as standard to increase abrasion resistance and other forms of damage;
  • Plasma is manufactured as standard in purple colour but can be made in almost any colour upon request.

At KTL Offshore our KimPlasma slings and grommets are produced using our rigorous quality control procedures that have seen us manufacture thousands of heavy lift wire rope slings over the past decade. 

Our Engineered Length Control (ELC) technique enables us to manufacture slings and grommets to exact tolerances under a specified load – bringing our customers the most exact and technologically advanced heavy lift solution in the World.

MBL and SWL data is available for different rope diameters upon request.