Your Global Wire Rope, Rigging & Mooring Partner

Wire Rope Inspection, Testing & Certification

The complete lifecycle of slings and other
types of rigging equipment are catered for
by KTL Offshore’s Technical Services team.
These services can be offered in-house, offshore
or at a global level depending on the customers

It has been demonstrated that a process of
regular inspection and maintenance greatly
enhances the lifespan of equipment and as
a result, costs are reduced.  Trained to
recognize physical and mechanical wear in
its early stages, our inspectors will highlight
any areas requiring attention.

KTL Offshore have one of the largest tensile
testing facilities in the industry - our 3 main
locations have DNV calibrated Test Beds
for the testing of rigging equipment. 
These Test Beds are computer controlled
and capable of proof load testing the largest and longest slings and grommets.

  • In Singapore we have two Test Beds with the capability of testing up to 200t, and 2000t;
  • In the Middle East we have two Test Beds with the capability of testing up to 200t and 1000t;
  • In Batam we have a Test Bed that has the capability of testing up to 1500t.

Our Inspection, Testing and Certification (ITC) program for large diameter slings and grommets includes:

  • Visual inspection report from a qualified inspector;
  • Proof load (to customer specification) test report;
  • ABS or other third party test report;
  • Recommendation for discard or continued service based on latest international standards such as IMCA M179.

Our inspectors are also qualified in non-destructive testing such as magnetic particle inspection and magnetic rope testing.

  • All testing machines are calibrated;
  • Qualified inspectors from 3rd party institutions are brought in as required;
  • Non-destructive testing is done on site;
  • Certified test reports provided by ABS, DNV or LR 3rd party witness certification can be provided.